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I am delighted to let you know that MainView for CICS 6.9 and MainView for CICS Management 6.3.01 are now available. 

This new release of MainView for CICS includes many features requested by our customers including:

  • Day 1 Support for CICS TS 5.5
    • New SIT parameters supported
    • New general resource attributes and values added to existing CICS resource views
    • Additional Task Performance Data added to Views including:
      • First Message Processed
      • Node.js application name
      • Timing information for URI Web and Invoke Service Processing
    • New CICS Statistics Data
    • Support for the Continuous Delivery Feature Toggles in CICS TS
  • High availability for CICS TS when performing a MainView for CICS Upgrade
    • You will no longer need to bounce the region to install a new release of MainView for CICS
  • Timing Data for Remote Files
    • Remote File access time now reflects elapsed time
    • Resource Usage Views will include this new timing
  • Utility to export CMRDETL into a CSV file
    • This file can be exported for use by Excel or analytic tools
    • Data can be filtered by date, time, and transaction name
    • You can stop after a specific number of records
    • Select by field name
  • Improved Efficiency of the compression routines
    • In tests we showed:
      • Compression reduced CPU usage by 3-5%
      • Decompression improved by over 30%
      • Reporting program showed about a 20% improvement
  • Improved Scalability
    • New option to use the CICS APPLID instead of JOB or STC name for CICS targets
    • So now you no longer must be concerned about having duplicate job names in a SYSPLEX

As you can see we have included many enhancements that were important to our customers.  New features improving availability, scalability, efficiency and ease of use.  MainView for CICS as well as the rest of the MainView Family has simplified the configuration and customization associated with installation and upgrading the product.


MainView for CICS (MVCICS) and MainView for CICS Management provides a comprehensive solution for managing your IBM CICS TS environment. It is a cost-effective, intelligent, and integrated CICS management solution that enables you to tune, manage, and automatically take actions before disruptive and highly complex digital business workloads impede the smooth flow of business.  It is part of an integrated family of monitors with easy guided navigation to follow a transaction for CICS to other subsystems such as MQ, DB2 and IMS.  For more information about MainView for CICS Management, visit the website.


For more information about the release follow this link