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MainView for z/OS and CMF MONITOR have supported Container pricing SMF records for some time. And now, we have enhanced this support with updated reporting new TABULAR measure and New Views.


Updated reporting provides Tenant Resource Classes(TRCs) and Tenant Resource Groups (TRGs) in the Workload Manager Goal Mode Report.  This allows you to answer the questions like “Is my discretionary workload assigned to a service class, tenant report class, and resource group?”  This would exclude this work from workload management.


The Tabular report now supports the measures associated with Container Pricing for IBM Z allowing you to specify the Tenant Resource Group as a qualifier providing a unique summarization of the metric associated with Container Pricing.


MainView for z/OS and CMF MONITOR have added new views and containers so you can see at a glance what resources are being used by workloads tagged as a container.  The views will provide information such as SU/Sec. CP usage, zIIP usage and much more enhancing your understanding of the implications of Container Workloads.


For full information on getting this enhancement please see the Technical Bulletin.


MainView for z/OS, CMF MONITOR are part of the MainView Monitoring solution which provides a single view and control of your z/OS and z/OS UNIX environments, taking the guesswork out of optimizing mainframe performance. This intuitive solution delivers real-time and historical data to help you reduce mainframe costs while servicing both new digital business and traditional workloads. It enables you to tune, manage, and automatically take actions before disruptive and highly complex digital business workloads impede the smooth flow of business.  It is part of an integrated family of monitors with easy guided navigation to follow workloads to subsystems such as MQ, DB2®, CICS® and IMS™.  For more information about MainView Monitoring, visit the website.