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Now Available!  MainView for MQ (MVMQ) 5.4 and MainView for Message Management 6.3.00.  MVMQ 5.4 and MainView for Message Management includes all the Small Programming Enhancements (SPE) that have been released since MVMQ 5.3 including:


  • Showing active channels vs. allowed channels; details are located here.
  • Ability to see the version of each Queue Manager to support CD understanding; details are located here.
  • Ease of Navigation through MQITrace; details are located here.
  • Support for System Symbols; details are located here.
  • Centralized administration menu EZADMIN; details are located here.
  • Integration with TrueSight Middleware Administrator for distributed queues statistics; details are located here.


Additionally, we have continued our integration with TrueSight Middleware Administrator to provide more information about distributed queue mangers in MainView for MQ. This is the second step in providing all the information about distributed QMGRs and Queues in MVMQ, providing information and monitoring for the entire enterprise from the mainframe.  The work associated with gathering this data into MVMQ has been offloaded to zIIP processors reducing the cost of running the MQ monitor during the 4-Hour peak.


Simplification of product administration has also been included in this release by providing access to the data dictionary views from the main menu.  Additionally, the EZADMIN views from the Plex manager now supports MainView for MQ and part of this easy administration includes a new set of PARM editing tools.


Finally, Queue Manager profiles can now be managed through MainView Explorer providing a simple graphical user interface for administration tasks.

To find out how to get this support please follow this link.


Learn how MainView Message Management and TrueSight Middleware Management provide a complete, digital business-ready solution for central management of IBM® MQ resources.