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MainView Infrastructure (MVI) 6.3 became available on June 21, 2018.  MVI 6.3 includes all the Small Programming Enhancements (SPE) that have been released since MVI 6.2 including:

  • Currency for z/OS 2.3 and z14
  • Ability to have 2 y-Axis with different scales in MainView Explorer(MVE) which helps correlate two components that have very different scales, details are located here.
  • Security enhancements – Details are located here.
    • Configuration Parameters for TLS
    • Support for Digital Client Certificates for customers using CAC/Smart Cards for authentication
  • Capability to control the Archiving of NGL log sets see details here.


Additionally, MVI 6.3 provides many more enhancements improving security and providing simplification in managing, administrating and deploying the MainView family of products including the following:

  • Configure and Manage Multiple CASPLEXs on the same system.  The support to be able to use multiple suffixes on members such as BBMTYBxx allows you to configure manage and stage multiple CASPLEX instances on a single system.  Making it much easier to stage and deploy configuration definition before a change window.
  • Set the Default and minimum Automatic Screen Update(ASU) without having to use a usermod. This eases the time and effort needed for administrators to tune the monitoring environment and control how users access data.
  • View alarm status across the MainView environment.  This allows you to see at a glance how alarms have been deployed, and if they are defined properly and active.
  • Support for IBM Multifactor Authentication across all access methods including alternate access
  • Support for System symbols will help ease definition and deployment across the MainView suite.
  • Central Administration functionality will allow you to have a EZADMIN set of Views so from a single location you can easily hyperlink into the administration function for each installed product.


For more detail about this release please see the release notes located here.