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In today’s business the idea of encrypted data and connections has become a high priority, especially to try and keep breaches from occurring.  You have probably set standards for your IP connection that must use one of the secure encrypted connections such as IPSEC, TLS, or SSH. There may even be different requirements depending on the application.  Do you know the quality of your cryptographic protection?  Do you know if there are unapproved protection protocols being used in your shop?  Do you have exposures where there is no protection present?  Do you know the cipher each connection is using?  These are all questions that network administrators and system programmers need to be able to answer.


To assist with validating if a connection is secure or not IBM introduced zERT – z Encryption Readiness Technology.  This new feature provides information about the connection via the Network Management Interface in real-time and reports the information via SMF 119 type 11 and 12.


MainView for IP has added support for this new z/OS capability and can provide detail data or aggregate data depending on your definitions.  At a glance you will be able to see what protocols are being used and if you have connections that are not following company standards.


For more information on how to get this capability see the technical bulletin.


More information is also available by watching this short video.


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