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Looping MPPs, BMPs, transactions and other IMS executables can be difficult to identify.  This can lead to the use of extra resources, cause performance delays, and cause peaks in your 4-hour rolling average, which can  increase costs.


MainView for IMS™ Management 6.2.01 can proactively identify loops and automatically take actions to resolve the looping conditions based on your defined criteria.


To search for loops, you can set criteria such as elapsed time, CPU usage, I/O rate, and more as shown in the screen shot below. You can filter the criteria to select a specific IMS job name, application region, region type, transaction, LTERM, and/or program name. You can even use wildcards and exclude specific items to make it easier to capture only the IMS objects you want.


To learn more about the Loop Check feature, view the Quick Course located here.


MainView for IMS™ Management enables you to manage IMS and DBCTL from a single view and control. It provides extensive performance, real-time, and historical statistics in summarized and detailed views. It monitors and manages IMS workloads, detects exceptions and performance degradation, and provides rapid problem resolution with integrated automation. MainView for IMS Management uses fewer resources than other solutions so you can you exploit all of its features without affecting MLC costs.