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What if you could put your MainView IMS batch reports into a CSV file for easy manipulation and publication? Your wish has been granted. MainView for IMS™ Management 6.2.01 lets you put your  batch reports into CSV format and create CSV output for your batch reports is available.


Transaction Accounting Reports, Program Accounting Reports and LTERM Accounting Reports are now available in a CSV format and you can tailor the report so they include only the desired data elements.   You are able to save the reports providing consistency in the files you publish or use with analytics or trending tools.


The Quick Course Located here will explain how to use this feature.


MainView for IMS™ Management lets you manage all aspects of IMS and DBCTL to meet the scale and complexity of digital business from a single view and control.  It provides extensive performance, real-time, and historical statistics in summarized and detailed views. It delivers IMS workload management, instant degradation detection, immediate exception determination, and rapid problem resolution with integrated automation. MainView for IMS Management uses less resources than other solutions, so you can you utilize its full benefits without fear of impacting your MLC costs.