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I am pleased to announce the latest release of MainView Console Management 3.4.00 which became GA on January 12th, 2018.

New in MainView Console Management for zEnterprise® 3.4.00:

This release brings several new features that will make it easier to automate your z/OS environment.

Availability is top of everyone’s mind.  It’s been a key focus for everyone for many years, but now especially so with the demands placed on the mainframe with the 24*7 “always-on” nature of digital business.

One way you can improve availability is to shorten the time it takes to IPL a system, whether planned or unplanned. Applications are either down or running with limited capacity during an IPL.  The longer it takes to get the system and all its applications back up and running, the longer your applications aren’t available and the longer you are at risk.

With this release of MainView Console Management automating your IPL’s is as easy as filling in a form. There is no need to code automation routines and nothing to maintain.  Automated IPLs are faster and eliminate mistakes that might otherwise mean having to start over, causing another IPL and further elongating your downtime.

Trying to find important messages is time consuming.  This release allows you to search for specific messages, using the Message ID, Color, System, Job ID, WTORs and Time Range.  You can go straight to the messages, saving time and allowing you to quickly address a potential problem.


MainView Console Management provides a new calendaring capability so tasks can be executed on a calendar based schedule.  You can schedule either for a single time, or on a repeating schedule.

Security is top of mind and this release continues to build on its already robust approach to security by exploiting new capability in z/OS. MainView Console management now makes encrypted connections from the viewer to the OSA-ICC, providing true end-to-end security.  Also, all product processes can be run under a non-privileged account, improving security as scripts and programs will not have unrestricted access to the OS and file system.

The user interface has been improved and provides Wiki-based documentation.  These changes will make it much easier to find and read documentation and provide feedback to BMC.

Please read the release notes for more details.

MainView Console Management for zEnterprise® provides secure access to consolidated monitoring and management of IBM z Systems™ environments across the enterprise. With flexible and secure access to critical consoles, plus consolidating and automating interaction, this product will help you quickly and easily diagnose and fix issues. Options for consolidating messages based on attributes, such as role or location, will help you maximize efficiency. Cut facility and power costs by eliminating multiple hardware consoles. Learn more.