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I am delighted to announce the latest releases of MainView for IP 3.6 and MainView for Networks Solution 6.2.01 which became GA on December 14, 2017.


New in MainView for IP 3.6 and available in MainView for Networks:


You can take advantage of the latest updates in z/OS Communication Server and the z14 immediately. Support was provided via PTF, available Day 1 and it is  part of MainView for IP 3.6   As a reminder, there is support for SMC-R and SMC-D and the details can be found in my January 27, 2017 Focus on Features Blog.


More and more data has become available from IBM standard interfaces providing information about the many aspects of your mainframe network, risk-free. FTP Daemon configuration and easy navigation to FTP session and Transfer data means you can easily find and fix FTP problems, minimizing the complexity inherent in network configuration profiles and usage. You now have visibility into TN3270 configuration and port usage data, which is critical in complex environments where multiple TN3270 servers are on a single TCIP stack.


You can issue PING and Trace Route commands (including any IBM supported parameters), directly from MainView for IP.  The monitor you trust to manage IP, supports your requirements to perform vital diagnostics.


Exploitation of the new OSA Trace simplifies the collection of real-time trace information - frames entering or leaving the OSA adapter. This reduces the time and expertise required to gather this important data.


Data Tracing and Packet Tracing granularity enhancements provides deep diagnostics that is required to reduce the time to find and fix problems. With latest data tracing capabilities, you run a Data Trace on any IP address or Port.  Packet Trace allows you to collect discarded packet data at the appropriate level so you easily find and fix problem.  This release provides formatted handshake data for the TLS handshake in a view. This reduces the time and expertise required by the network administrator to debug network issues.


Out-of-the box data for IPSEC messages will help you find possible port scans, and Denial of Service attacks.  You will be able to identify problems with VPN environments with the addition of data for dynamic and IKE tunnels.  This is critical as security is top of mind for your organization given the almost daily reports of data breaches.


In large sysplex configuration you need to be notified if there is an error at the sysplex level. The Availability Monitor will proactively notify you of sysplex level problems. This more important than ever as network availability is the backbone of digital business.


Read the release notes for more details.


MainView for Networks centralizes and unifies IP administration while saving time and improving network reliability. It’s easy to implement and use this management and automation solution for IP, SNA, and VTAM automation. Exclusive technology can pace TCP/IP traffic, so that critical jobs are prioritized and completed on time.