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I am delighted to announce the latest releases of MainView for IMS 5.3 and MainView for IMS Management Solution 6.2.01.  These offerings provided Day 1 support for IBM IMS 15.1 and the GA release on December 14, 2017.


New in MainView for IMS 5.3 and available in MainView for IMS Management:


You will be able to view the newest parameters and issue commands against the IMS repository. You can move to IMS 15.1 secure in the knowledge that MainView for IMS supports your needs to monitor and manage your IMS environment.


Seamless navigation from IMS region information in MainView for IMS directly to MainView for Java Environments provides JVM information. You can find and fix problems faster, which will become increasingly more important as your company exploits Java on z.


The amount of data you must manage is increasing, driven by digital engagement.  This increases the requirement for additional storage information, specifically the PSB Resident Intent list which is now provided.


Logs are critical to IMS and when they are switching too quickly it presents significant problems.  Now you can be warned when this condition occurs (as simple as setting a threshold) and can see how fast the logs are switching so you can identify when the number of transaction is too high for the region.


You need to provide reports that include a wide range of metrics and MainView for IMS Offline provides additional reports and fields to ensure that all critical data is made available when reporting to key stakeholders.


MainView for IMS Management 6.2.01 includes all the above listed features, plus the following enhancements that make it far easier to manage your IMS environment:


Integration with Log Analyzer for IMS makes it easy for you to identify the precise timing and logs needed reducing the time it takes for you to find and fix problems before key services are impacted.


In the last release, IMS Program schedule information was added to help you identify tuning opportunities. Based on your feedback, this release analyzes your data and provides recommendations to improve the performance of your IMS Program Schedule.    This makes it easier for both experienced and newer IMS professionals to ensure performance meets the requirements of your business. 


Looping transactions and regions waste allot of your resource and money. We have added automated loop check to identify looping BMPs, MPPs, and transactions.  It will automatically take the appropriate action, based on profile criteria you define.


IMS has commands to do a single function, for example, purge a user. While it is one function, you must manually enter a series of commands to invoke that function. As with any manual complex action, the risk of an error is high and can have negative consequences.  With this release, you to enter single line commands to perform these necessary functions, removing complexity and mitigating the risk of errors.


Analysis tools are on the rise and often require reports to be delivered in CSV format. Now batch reports are available in CSV format so it is easy for you to publish and send to a third-party solution.


To read more detail about the releases see the release notes for:

MainView for IMS Management

MainView for IMS Offline

MainView for IMS Online

MainView for DBCTL


MainView for IMS Management lets you manage all aspects of IMS and DBCTL to meet the scale and complexity of digital business from a single view and control.  It provides extensive performance, real-time, and historical statistics in summarized and detailed views. In addition, it delivers IMS workload management, instant degradation detection, immediate exception determination, and rapid problem resolution with integrated automation. MainView for IMS Management uses less resources than other solutions, so you can you utilize its full benefits without fear of impacting your MLC costs.