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Have you ever wanted to chart two values which can affect each other but the scales are so different that one metric would look like a flat line at the bottom of the screen? I am delighted to say that MainView Explorer supports an additional y-axis scale so the smaller metric is visible in the correct scale.  You can graph a Y-axis component against a secondary scale in MainView Explorer charts. A picture is worth a thousand words:



MainView Explorer provides a single view and control for your entire mainframe.  Which means you can see and control data collected from multiple sources.  To learn more about how the same look, feel and navigation can help you find and fix problems before they impact your customer, check this out.


The use of IBM® z/OSMF has been growing and our customers have asked us to make monitoring data from MainView and CMF Monitor available from IBM® z/OSMF.  I am happy to say that is available, so a system administrator can easily provide links to that data within IBM® z/OSMF. 


Details on these enhancements can be found  here.