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Have you starting taking advantage of IBM® MQ continuous delivery releases?


The third continuous delivery release (CDR) from IBM® MQ is now available.  If you are using MainView solutions to monitor and manage your mainframe systems, all is well, because MainView for MQ 5.3.0 provides day 1 support for IBM® MQ 9.0.03.


In addition, we have also delivered new integration with TrueSight Middleware Administration (TSMA) via PTF.


The integration with TSMA kicks off enterprise wide end-to-end monitoring and reporting for MQ. With the initial offering, you can capture queue performance statistics from distributed queue managers and store them with like mainframe statistics. The distributed platforms include UNIX, Windows, Linux and iSeries.  Using this single information source, you will have holistic reporting of your entire MQ environment. TSMA is agentless which simplifies installation and configuration and reduces resource utilization on the distributed platforms.  To find out how to get this support please follow this link.

Learn how MainView Message Management and TrueSight Middleware Management provide a complete, digital business-ready solution for central management of IBM® MQ resources.