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I am delighted to let you know that MainView for z/OS®, BMC CMF MONITOR, MainView for UNIX® System Services, and MainView SYSPROG Services 6.1 as well as MainView Monitoring 6.2.01 are now available.


This new release of MainView for z/OS and CMF MONITOR includes many features requested by our customers including a level set a of all the continuous delivery PTFs that have been made available which include support for z/OS® 2.2, the z13 and additional capability added to RMF™ via the maintenance stream.


CMF Monitor has improved the Spreadsheet Converter with addition of 3 reports - CPU Utilization, Workload Manager Goal Mode and Storage Management Report.


To help you better understand and manage your costs, we have provided additional information on the 4-hour rolling average, zIIP usage by job and LPAR MSU/hour.


We know how important storage and memory management is so we have added the percentage of free space for a storage group, data on HiperPAV aliases and fixed frame information.


Cross-system coupling facility average transfer time is now available, so you are privy to any coupling facility delays. Refresh Quiesce and Resume have been provided to better manage and control your WLM application environments.


With security being top-of-mind, additional granular security has been added to both MVSCOPE and the new release of SYSPROG Services validates the user has permission to view information within the address space.


The new release of MainView for UNIX System Services has new views that support the changes made to z/FS in z/OS 2.2. z/FS configuration has a new administration function that let you change the values with a simple type over.


For details on What’s New for each product please follow the links below:

MainView for z/OS


MainView SYSPROG Services

MainView for Unix System Services


All of the products have support for Data Dictionary which was delivered with MainView Infrastructure 6.2 in March 2017,  For more information about MVI 6.2 please follow this link.


MainView for z/OS, CMF MONITOR, MainView for Unix System Services, MainView SYSPROG Services, are part of the MainView Monitoring solution which provides a single view and control of your z/OS and z/OS UNIX environments, taking the guesswork out of optimizing mainframe performance. This intuitive solution delivers real-time and historical data to help you reduce mainframe costs while servicing both new digital business and traditional workloads. It enables you to tune, manage, and automatically take actions before disruptive and highly complex digital business workloads impede the smooth flow of business.  It is part of an integrated family of monitors with easy guided navigation to follow workloads to subsystems such as MQ, DB2®, CICS® and IMS™. For more information about MainView Monitoring, visit the website.