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I am delighted to let you know that MainView Infrastructure (MVI) 6.2 is now available.  It includes all of the Small Programming Enhancements (SPE) that have been released since MVI 6.1 including:

  • Long Phrase Password support
  • Threshold Advisor
    • Use of context
    • Calendar Management
    • Addition of MV IP and MVUSS metrics
  • MainView Explorer Improvements(MVE)
    • Ability to add user defined nodes to navigation
    • Combining Column and Line Charts
    • High Availability for MVE Viewer
    • SSL Support
  • Logger Modernization

In addition, MVI 6.2 provides two new features -  IPV6 support for MainView Explorer (MVE) connections and a data dictionary which has been requested by many customers. 

IPv6 provides support for the next addressing protocol since the older addressing scheme IPv4 has run out of addresses.  MainView will support you as you move forward with the latest communication protocol.

The data dictionary, (which is a set of tables) contains every element available from your installed MainView products. The table and views will contain the following kind of information:

  • The name of the element
  • The data type of the element
  • The number of views in which the element can be found
    • With the ability to get more details of the product provided views
  • Element information
    • The beginning of the help narrative
    • How the value is calculated (in most cases)
    • In depth data, for example, whether a dynamic threshold is in use

For more information about the release follow this link