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I am delighted to let you know that MainView for JAVA Environments V2.1 is now available.  This new release of this solution includes many features requested by our customers including:

  • History and Interval recording
    • This provides the ability to trend data over time for important metrics such as Garbage Collection, Heap Usage and CPU Utilization
    • And detailed views showing recent, current interval and total values
    • Sample MainView Explorer configurations with graphs
  • Support for SMF Type 29 Records
    • This allows the reporting of IMS Garbage Collection statistics without having to set up JMX
  • JMX Configuration Assistance Utility
    • This Batch utility allows the fast setup for JMX ports for detailed monitoring
  • Extended JMX Data
    • Such as CPU by thread type
    • Other JVM Usage statistics
  • Ease of upgradability
    • A command to be able to start/stop the MainView JVM has been added so that components can be changed and upgraded without bringing down the entire product.

MainView for Java Environments (MVJE) provides a comprehensive solution for managing Java running on the mainframe, including auto discovery of JVMs and extensive data on JVM performance, memory usage and thread activity.  Although no other MainView monitors are required for implementing MVJE, existing MainView users will also see all the MainView unique benefits of centralized architecture, smart alarms and alerts, guided navigation for root cause identification, and analysis.  For more information about MVJE, visit the website.


For more information about the release follow this link