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Have you starting taking advantage of IBM® MQ continuous delivery releases?


The second continuous delivery release (CDR) from IBM® MQ is now available.  If you are using BMC MainView solutions to monitor and manage your mainframe systems, you can rest easy, because MainView for MQ 5.3.0 provides day 1 support for IBM® MQ 9.0.02.


In addition, we have also delivered two new enhancements via PTF.


The first allows you to use System Symbols in the parameter files.  This makes it easy to customize trace and exit options.  To find out how to get this support please follow this link.


The second feature is a usability enhancement as well (one of many that have been and will be rolled out). It makes navigation through MQITrace much easier as you can select the number of records you want to be displayed. Please follow this link for information about this new function.


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