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As customers embrace continuous delivery of IBM MQ™, MainView for MQ has risen to the challenge. As we stated earlier we had day 1 support for IBM MQ™ V9.0.01 and today we have delivered two new features within the maintenance stream.


The first feature is to help you understand which of your queue managers are running continuous delivery versions of IBM MQ™.  Since it is possible to run the Long Term Support level on some queue managers and different continuous delivery versions on others, this enhancement will allow at-a-glance understanding of version levels providing valuable information when trying to resolve issues in your IBM MQ™ environment.  Find more information about this enhancement here.


The second feature is delivering a customer enhancement request to be able to see the percentage of active channels from the available channel pool.  This will help with the creation of proactive notifications so action can be taken before the maximum channel used state is reached.  Managing channel capacity proactively will increase application availability and reduce the possibility of delays.  This enhancement continues the MainView strategy of delivering more actionable information so your system management solution can do more for you.  Find more information about this enhancement here.