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Recently BMC Introduced a new solution for monitoring the Java environments on z/OS called MainView for Java Environments (MVJE). This solution was introduced because of the growth of Java on the mainframe as customers enhance the backend for the digital economy.  We found that a monitor was needed to help Systems Management be aware of all the Java running on their systems and quickly identify problems in this new environment.  MVJE will auto discover all the JVMs that are running on your system and provides information on resources being used by the JVM such as Heap (Storage) and CPU Utilization. This includes showing the amount of CPU being offloaded to a specialty engine and the amount that could be if the capacity was available. 


Another area of importance is how well Garbage Collection (Memory Management) is working and how often it runs as this function of JVMs can have large performance implications if not properly tuned.


For your important workloads we allow you to decide if you want to go deeper by turning on JMX monitoring.  JMX data provides you with more detail about the memory managers, garbage collection and thread information.  MVJE will definitely provide the information a system management team will need to open a ticket to the application group using Java on z/OS.


To give you more technical information on MVJE, we have created a Quick Course video which provides a technical introduction to MainView for Java Environments. You can access it with your support id at this link.