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Recently new releases of the MainView for Networks Solution and the MainView for IP product were delivered.  For the MainView for Networks Solution we have added the ability to collect trace information automatically based on your business criteria, giving you the ability to automatically capture first failure data.   For further “hands-off” operation, we provide the ability to automatically restart VTAM resources.

Within the MainView for IP product we have added many enhancements including Availability monitoring for VTAM resources, support for IBM's Network Management Interface (NMI) for Packet Trace including IPSEC data to support those customers that need to have secure IP connections.  For those customers who must use encryption we support SNMPv3 which is the latest release of SNMP.  These are just a few of the highlights available in the latest MainView for IP version.



For a more complete overview of all the features and function added please watch the following quick course video.