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How long has it been since you considered your program preload list in IMS?  Are you taking advantage of the Wait for Input (WFI) designation for your transactions, or the Pseudo Wait for Input (PWFI) for your regions? Do you know where to start tuning your IMS Scheduler?


It is amazing how a small change in designation of a transaction or region can influence the amount of throughput and processor used by and IMS region or transaction. Exclusively available with the latest release of the MainView for IMS Management solution BMC provides the information to help you tune the IMS Scheduler.  BMC provides insight into the elapsed and CPU time to the schedule to first DL/I call.  This will help you to identify the largest users of CPU just to get to the first call, pointing out potential candidates for addition to the preload list.  BMC also provides the ratio of transaction executed per program schedule improving this ratio may help with CPU utilization and throughput utilizing the WFI for a transaction or PWFI for a region and isolating the transaction can cause major improvements to your IMS ecosystem and reduce your overall cost of running IMS in your datacenter.


For more information on how this new feature works please watch the quick course video.