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How many times have you had buffer overruns and missed the pertinent data being recorded to the trace or had to look through thousands of transactions to find the ones with issues? Now available in MainView users can utilize our capability Easy Trace Analysis to filter and analyze IMS detail traces.


This feature helps you get the diagnostic data you need and points out the DL/I and ESS calls that are having performance issues based on your criteria.


Detail traces contain thousands of record and if you run out of space you miss valuable data, this feature will allow you to choose the criteria identifying the records should be written to the trace dataset based on the information you need to collect.  This will reduce the amount of data that is being gathered and reducing the chances of missing the records needed for diagnosis.


The filtering capability can also be used to analyze the trace pointing directly to the problem DL/I and ESS calls.  So as an example it will only show data in programs that used more than a certain amount of CPU time.  Reducing the amount of data you have to read through to identify problem transactions. Reducing the time to problem identification and resolution.


This new capability is exclusively available in BMC’s December release of the BMC MainView for IMS Management solution. 

For more information on how this new feature works please watch the quick course video