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In the last couple of releases of MainView for CICS BMC has made quite a few changes to the Task Kill exit.  Prior to release 5.3, which became available in December of 2015, BMC added the capability to kill tasks based on the Temp Storage usage and number of File I/Os.  BMC also added the ability to take these values into consideration even if they are in a remote CICS region.  In the latest release, BMC has provided the ability to have dual thresholds.  A set to provide a warning that a transaction is getting close to the kill threshold and then the standard kill thresholds.  This new feature answers many customer request for enhancement.


The capability to have warning thresholds provides the ability to test kill thresholds before implementing them as well as providing the capability to proactively take action before transactions are terminated.  The warning thresholds can provide messages in the journal or the log that can allow automation to take a specific action prior to the transaction being killed that may allow the transaction to continue avoiding a potential failed customer interaction.  In this day of digital transactions many mobile applications are really interacting with CICS in the background. We all know if there are response-time issues or failures, customer can switch to the next online shopping application to make their purchase or to get a quote from a different insurance company.


Transaction throughput is still a critical component of all businesses today and MainView for CICS has added even more capability to help you proactively monitor and manage your environment.



For more information on how this new feature works please watch the quick course video.