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The long awaited IBM® Information Management System™ has finally arrived.  IMS V14 provides enhancements in performance, scalability, usability and availability.  BMC is proud to announce our latest MainView for IMS release is IMS 14 ready.


With the deployment of mobile applications, internet of things and other factors has led to an explosion in the number of transactions and nonstop activity by users worldwide. Optimizing your mainframe resources to do more with less is must have in today’s modern IMS environment.


In addition to supporting IMS 14, BMC MainView solutions offer additional new enhancements such as:


MainView NOW Delivers IMS HOTSPOTS Reporting

Now in MainView IT staff can quickly identify – which mission critical BMPs or transaction or applications are performing badly before they impact the business. Before, to find those with the worst DL/I or ESS calls, IT staff had to dig to find the detail call view for each one.  We all know this wasn’t practical because there are way too many of them and some of the calls might not in the details trace, because the buffer filled up (long running BMP).

Using MainView IT staff can quickly see which BMPs or transaction have bad call in the high level views then with a click of button they can drill down using MainView hyperlinks to the lower level.  No more wasting time chasing the wrong BMPs or transaction.  With MainView you can pinpoint the performance issues quickly.  In addition, you can filter what goes into the detail trace buffers, so you are less likely to miss the important call detail.

MainView NOW Delivers Actionable Intelligence

In the past IT staff had to blindly select which applications to pre-load.  MainView takes the guess work out of scheduling which applications need to be preloaded by offering IT staff actionable intelligence to highlight which applications should be automatically preloaded. Modern day performance challenges need a modern day solutions which only BMC MainView can provide.

To Discover More and for a complete list please of new capabilities in BMC MainView for IMS Management please visit BMC Product
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