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MainView for USS Version 1.7 has added  process-level enhancements for more rapid identification and diagnosing of performance issues.  MV/USS can monitor resource usage, including CPU percentage, by z/OS Unix process.   Plus, it now has the ability to trace system calls for z/OS Unix System Services processes.  Tracing processes can reduce the time it takes to isolate and solve problems.


New monitoring capabilities include monitoring of:

  • Zombie processes, with information about the parents of zombie processes
  • File system growth patterns, with information about not only usage but also change in usage.  This enables proactive action in response to file system growth before an outage is triggered.
  • Latch Contention, to see the serialization latches in the zFS environment, in order to identify which USS tasks are hung and why they are waiting.

The release now uses standard external security manager (ESM) definitions when performing actions,  supports z/OS version 2.1, and features enhanced installation using BMC’s new Common Install Tool, version 2.4  For a complete list of enhancements, see the
Release Notes and available Quick Course training video.