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BMC customers, we have heard your input and have redesigned the Common Install Tool in response to your ideas. The new version 2.4 simplifies, streamlines and automates installation.


What We Heard

  • Reduce time/effort
  • Improve efficiency
  • Simplify
  • Address deployment needs
  • Enhance documentation


What We Did           

Working with customers directly and with our Software Consultant, the install team initiated an extensive project to deliver the improvements you have been asking for. Key components of the redesigned tool are:

  • Projects that capture and enable reuse of your input
  • Separate Installation and Configuration workflows
  • Reduced and streamlined menus, with sequential numbering of actions
  • Site-wide defaults for common or repeated information


We focused on installation experience improvements with Quick Start manual guides, improved and updated online help content, customized checklists for each install activity, and a new Installation Reference manual.


We also created 17 Quick Course videos, each one focused on a specific topic, enabling easy and rapid learning about the new tool.  The Quick Course videos are available on the BMC Support web pages. 


You can get more details on the 2.4 Common Install Tool by reviewing the Release Notes, and the new manuals, also available on the Support site.


As you use the tool, we invite you to share your experience in using it.  Your input got us to this point, and will continue to help determine our directions.