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MainView for IP version 3.4 increases the efficiency of IP monitoring and adds new ways to exploit MainView Explorer using dashboards.


Portions of the MV/IP code have been engineered to be eligible to run on zIIP engines.  When this work is dispatched by WLM to zIIP processors, the work of monitoring IP is removed from general purpose processors, freeing up cycles for executing more business work.  In BMC tests, we have seen offloads of as much as 46% to zIIP engines.


The release also adds containers and dashboards that will provide meaningful views of the following key aspects of IP operation:

  • Availability
  • Connections
  • OSA Cards
  • FTP (last hour, week, day)

In addition, new to version 3.4 is a Top Users easy menu (EZTOPU), with links to detailed views displaying user bandwidth.  

  • Top Links – displays percentage of bandwidth for each link
  • Top Applications – displays percentage of bandwidth that each TCP application uses
  • Top Connections – displays percentage of bandwidth for each IP address.

This release features enhanced installation using BMC’s new Common Install Tool, version 2.4

For a complete list of enhancements, see the Release Notes and available Quick Course training video.