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Release 5.2.00 of MainView for WebSphere MQ is available, with support for WebSphere MQ version 8.  In addition, several enhancements have been added to enable offload of MainView processing to zIIP processors and provide new functions.

The release includes:

  • Support for WebSphere MQ version 8
  • Ability to get a quick look at Queue Manager status
  • Use of the MainView Next Generation Logger (NGL) for increased efficiency
  • Enabling MQE code to be zIIP eligible
  • Ability to Edit, Move or Copy messages.


Two new Quick Course training videos are available for this release:

  1. MainView for WebSphere MQ - What’s New in Version 5.2 -
  2. MainView for WebSphere MQ -  Using the New Message Edit and JOB Actions -