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SPEs are Small Program Enhancements, a way for BMC to deliver additional functionality without a full product release cycle.  This enables us to respond quickly in adding enhancements that can help our customers get more value from their use of BMC mainframe solutions.  Here are some common questions customers may have about SPEs:


How do I find out about SPEs? – SPEs are announced via Technical Bulletins.  Tech Bulletins are listed on the Support pages after selecting the specific product and version number. Tech Bulletins are sent automatically to those customers who have opted in for Proactive Notification for specific products.  To ensure you receive this information, sign up for Proactive Notification for each BMC product you are interested in.


These two recent SPEs are examples of what you might see in SPEs:


CMF Monitor, Version 5.9.00, Tech Bulleting, July 31, 2014

  A new CMF MONITOR Analyzer report called TABULAR is now available


The TABULAR report is an enhanced form of the GRAPH TYPE=TAB report.

TABULAR produces printed tabular reports and value-delimited text records that can serve as input to spreadsheets or other user-supplied programs. With TABULAR, you can:

  • Direct the report output to a value-delimited text file Direct up to 254 measures to a value-delimited text file
  • Include 84 new measures, in addition to the legacy GRAPH and WLMGRAPH measures
  • Specify your own names to replace the supplied measure names in both the printed report and the value-delimited text file
  • Filter the input data by using SYSID and CPU parameters
  • Use qualifier expressions to include only selected data in a measure
  • Produce a full or partial list of available measures and their respective qualifiers and, optionally, a cross-reference of
    comparable IBM® RMFTM OVERVIEW names


MainView SRM Reporting, Version 7.8.00, July 31, 2014

Product enhancements let you view tape cache data and improve DSN Index processing


New reporting of tape cache data

Reporting of cache usage within an IBM TS7700 series VTS is now available. The collected data includes:

  • Cache size
  • Amount of data in the cache
  • Average amount of time that data remains in the
  • Mount counts and times
  • Virtual tape migration
  • Unmigrated (cache only) data