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MainView for CICS 6.6.00 supports the following releases of the IBM CICS system:  

  • CICS Transaction Server Version 3.1
  • CICS Transaction Server Version 3.2
  • CICS Transaction Server Version 4.1
  • CICS Transaction Server Version 4.2
  • CICS Transaction Server Version 5.1
  • CICS Transaction Server Version 5.2

If you continue to use CICS releases that are no longer supported, you must exclude those CICS regions from the new MainView for CICS . You can continue to use earlier supported releases of MainView for CICS to manage unsupported regions.   

MainView for CICS 6.6.00 also provides support for the IBM CICS Transaction Server Version 5.2 product. All MainView for CICS functions have been enhanced to work with CICS Transaction Server Version 5.2.


MainView for CICS 6.6.00 provides new sets of resources views in three areas:  

  • Application management views

    • CAPPL for CICS applications
    • CBUNDLE for CICS bundles
    • CBUNDLP for CICS bundle parts
  • Event-related views
    • CCAPSPC for event capture specifications
    • CEVTBIN for event bindings
    • CEVTPRC for event processing
  • Java/Web views
    • COSGBDL for OSGi bundles
    • COSGSRV for OSGi services


This version of MainView for CICS includes enhancements and changes to components of response time (CORT) views. MainView for CICS workloads track the performance of transactions matching the criteria in the workload definitions. This data is significantly enhanced to provide all facets of transaction response time data and is now available in a set of CORT* views that are similar to the TASK, CHIST, and CHINT families of views. You can access the new views through the original workload-related (CORT) views (CFLOW, CFLOWS, CWOVER, and CWOVERS). For more information about the CORT* views, see the MainView for CICS Online Services Reference Manual.  

Note - The original CORT views are updated. These views and the new CORT* views are not compatible between this version and earlier versions of MainView for CICS. BMC recommends that you initialize new MVI history files for this version to avoid problems with earlier versions of CORT records in the interval recorder data.


In addition, the CWOVERD and CWOVERDS views are no longer available in version 6.6 of the MainView for CICS product. Customized CFLOW, CFLOWS, CWOVER, and CWOVERS views will not work in version 6.6.


MainView for CICS provides support for monitoring the performance of the CICS applications running on your system. This support is provided through the following enhancements:


  • A new set of views displaying the CICS applications that are installed on your CICS regions
  • Navigation aids that help you locate the various resources related to your CICS applications that are installed on your CICS regions
  • An enhancement to the MainView for CICS Workload Monitor Definitions (CWKLDDEF) that allows you to collect and aggregate response time data for transactions executing as part of a CICS application or platform


MainView for CICS 6.6.00 allows you to specify generic target names when specifying monitors to be automatically started with the TARGET and BLK statements in BBPARM member BBIISPxx. You can specify the wildcard character asterisk (*) or plus sign when specifying targets that use AUTOBLK statements to automatically start low-level monitors when their targets initialize.


This version of MainView for CICS introduces the following new and enhanced views to replace earlier views:


  • The PASINFO view is enhanced with a new version that provides more information about the state of the BBI-SS PAS.
  • The PASINFO view now includes storage and CPU utilization information, information about other active MainView products in the BBI-SS PAS, and includes the new PASSUM and PASSUM views.
  • The PASSUM and PASSUMR views provide a summary of monitors that are running on your systems. The PASSUM view summarizes the monitors by the BBI-SS PAS and only runs in SSI mode. The PASSUMR breaks the monitor requests down by the targets that are managed by an individual BBI-SS PAS.
  • The PASPARM view is a new view that provides a list of the parameter members located in the BBI-SS PAS BBPARM data set. The view provides highlighting that indicates which of the parameter members are currently active for the BBI-SS PAS. It also provides hyperlinks that allow you to edit the parameter members either through dialogs within the products or direct text editing.


MainView for CICS 6.6.00 provides enhancement to security options for CICS actions, it checks the authority of a user to perform actions that would modify CICS or CICS resources. To do so, MainView for CICS uses standard System Authorization Facility (SAF) calls to external security managers (ESMs) when basic or enhanced security is active on the BBI-SS PAS.

This version of MainView for CICS converts the full-screen DUMP display and Storage options panels now run in windows mode. The new DUMP (or PK) view replaces these full-screen options. The new windows mode view supports hyperlinks from various MainView for CICS views to display storage information in MainView Explorer or through a 3270 MainView session. In the DUMP view, you can use the hyperlinks to examine CICS storage, and you can display the unformatted content of many CICS control blocks.

This version has changed some default settings for CMRSOPT parameters, which affect various data collection settings for the CICS region.


This version of MainView for CICS includes the following features that were introduced with PTFs in version 6.5 of MainView for CICS:


  • Support in the Task Kill Exit for TS and TD queues
    The MainView for CICS Task Kill Exit provides support for warning about, orterminating tasks, based upon TS or TD queue utilization.
  • Enhancement to the Detail Trace Facility
    The MainView for CICS Detail Trace Facility provides additional information about the responses to CICS commands and various CSD-related commands. It also allowsfor greater user flexibility in recording traces started against active tasks.
  • Enhancements to the IDCT and SDCT low level monitors
    The MainView for CICS IDCS and SDCT monitors support more granular monitoring of different types of dumps (taken, suppressed, system, or transaction) on your CICS regions.
  • New RES action added to FST2 transaction
    The MainView for CICS FST2 transaction supports a RES (restart) action. The RES action allows you to use a single command to restart the MainView for CICS and MainView AutoOPERATOR for CICS agents. You can use the FST2 RES command instead of having to use both the FST2 TERM and FST2 INIT commands.
  • Enhancement to CMRDATA
    The SMF110 segment (CMRDATA) is expanded to contain the 64-byte UDAT2 field from the T6E record.


This version includes the following changes and enhancements to views:


  • The CREGDSAS view provides additional data that you can use to set alarms for storage utilization.
  • The CREGION view provides statistics about region Max Tasks for use in setting alarms.
  • The CCONN* view provides additional information and 14 new SET actions.
  • The CTASKD and CHISTD views display the name of the last abended program. The CMRDETL record also includes this new field.


For more and complete information on MainView for CICS 6.6.00 please refer to the release notes.