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I was working with a customer a few weeks ago.  He was showing me another product and how he could enter a command and get exactly the information he wanted.    No menus, no lists just the information on this single widget.    It got me thinking about positional parameters and how useful they were for exactly this purpose.

I had to explain how to find out if positional parameters existed for a view, how to use them and finally how to create them using view customization if none existed.    I've since created a quick course which will be available in the coming months on creating and using MainView view positional parameters.  If you don't know about quick courses, please follow this link,    Quick courses are brief demonstrations of how to perform a particular task using MainView and other BMC products.    In this case how to use positional parameters to provide you the exact information you are looking for on a view.


If this has peaked your interest and you don't want to wait for the quick course on positional parameters to be posted reply here with an email address and I will be happy to share the PowerPoint.    It won't have my narrative, but it will have full speaker notes!


If you have suggestions for additional quick courses, please post them here and we will see what we can do to get added.