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A new Patch is available for MainView Infrastructure (MVI) Threshold Advisor product, this Patch adds installation support for Windows 2003 Server R2 64-bit and Windows 2008 Server 64-bit. The Patch also provides the ability to define and manage MainView recording requests by their defined MVI Single System Image (SSI) Contexts, as well as better calendar period naming/management for the push to the MainView Infrastructure side, and provides performance improvements on the Started Tasks (STCs) running on the mainframe when Context is used.


The Patch is located on the BMC Software EPD site (  Support Login Id required) and is identified by the "Threshold Advisor 1.0.00 Patch 1 Full Install" designation. This Patch is a complete installation and will install over the existing production version. When downloading from EPD, ensure you select the "Product Patch" Tab as per image below.