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On January 30th, 2014 - MainView SRM v7.8 became Generally Available. This release provides:

  • A comprehensive view of an application's dataset usage, including historical trends. This will provide insight to potential cost saving measures to eliminate waste.
  • A view of datasets and whether they have a backup, when the last backup  was taken, and how many backups have been retained. Knowing which datasets have not been backed up or have not been recently backed up can highlight potential issues when looking at recovering datasets. Datasets that are being backed up too often can lead to unnecessary processing.
  • The option to offload eligible processing to zIIPs for internal sorts within the SVOS and Storage Guard Perform address spaces, and for compressing and decompressing VTOC Scan and Storage Guard Perform records.


For detailed information of these enhancements, please refer to the MainView SRM release notes in Product Support Status at (Note: support login id required).