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On January 30, 2104 - MainView for IMS v5.1 became Generally Available, this release provides compatibility with and can exploit features of Version 13.1 of the IBM IMS system. The release adds support for:

  • An increased number of regions, BMPSs, and CICS threads
  • Database versioning
  • Displaying IMS ALTER option usage when a database reorganization starts
  • IMS Connect command enhancements
  • Synchronous program switch descriptors
  • MQ descriptors
  • OTMA Synchronous Program Switch clients
  • ISC over TCP/IP


This release also provide performance enhancements:

  • The Workflow samplers can now run on zIIPs.
  • Reduce the total IMS transaction and IMS BMP CPU usage by reducing the amount of CPU used by the MainView for IMS Event Collector. Internal test indicate about a 4% reduction in transactions, and a 7% reduction for BMPs. These results may vary at your installation due to differences in your environment and in your applications. Note: The larger reduction in BMPs is due to the higher number of DL/I calls that they typically make.


Other enhancements:

  • The transaction log record (X'FA') and the program log record (X'F9') have been updated and has change the length.
  • You can now record data for multiple IBM DB2 and IBM MQSeries subsystems in the log record.
  • IRUF record layout has been updated for the transaction accounting record(TAR), program accounting record (PAR), and terminal (LTERM) account record (LAR). Also the record lengths have changed.
  • All functionality is now only available through Windows mode.


For detailed information on these enhancements, please refer to the release notes on Product Support Status at (Note: support Login required)