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If you have, the resolution to your issue may be just a little bit of VIEW customization.   I'll have a few screen shots to hopefully make my points as clear as possible and allow you to complete the changes at your shop.    So first what fields are defined as COUNT fields and how would I know?   COUNT field types are almost always, if not always, on summary VIEWS.    To find out if the field you are setting an ALARM on is a COUNT field we need to check the format of the field.

In MainView Explorer this is done by right clicking on the column header and selecting Format data.    When you do this you will get this pop-up:

Notice under Summarization type the count button is selected.    And more importantly the Condition box has a condition specified.   THIS IS IMPORTANT!!

On the 3270 we enter CUST on the command line of the VIEW we are on and then F column-identifier.  You should see a display like this.   Summarization type = C says this is a COUNT field and again the important piece is the Condition (for C) has something coded in it.


Blog 2.JPG


So if you are using a summary view and a count field to set an ALARM and the ALARM is not firing the problem is probably the condition statement.     But you can not simply clear the field because it will impact the COUNT field.


Here is how you resolve the issue.  First replicate the COUNT field.


In MainView Explorer you right click on the column header of the field you what to replicate and select Duplicate field.   After you do this you want to change the format.   Same process we used to find out about the COUNT settings.   Right click and Format data.    Change the new replicated field formats to look like the original field, BUT delete everything out of the Condition Box if there is anything there.


In the 3270 interface use the CUST command, and then R column-identifier to replicate the COUNT field.    Again same procedure as described above for the 3270 to view the format.    We want to make the replicated field again look like the original without the condition being filled in.


Next exclude the original field/column.


In MainView Explorer you right click on the column and select Exclude field.

In the 3270 interface you use the CUST command, and then X column-identifier to exclude the column from the view.


Then Save the view to your site library for VIEWS and set your ALARM on the new column/field.

Your ALARM should now work just like you expected.