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I am pleased to announce BMC MainView Console Management for zEnterprise 3.1.00 is now generally available (GA). There are two License Add-ons to this License Product, BMC MainView Console Automation for zEnterprise and BMC MainView SecureHMC

These are some cool new features and enhanements to these new release, they are:

  • Increase compliance by providing Login History. Login history can optionally be displayed to end-users, it show previous login attempts, also shows the login history log.
  • Launch viewers – now you can launch viewers from an Icon on your desktop, the end-user can optional save a desktop icon for a specific view, this is done via Java web-start. Note: nothing is installed on the desktop.
  • Color customization – has been added to the viewers to differentiate viewers, for example different color for production and for test. This allows a better visual check to ensure you are entering commands to the correct console and system.
  • Viewer Alerts – these have been added to display alert information to user similar to outlook email notification, an RDL2 (Rules Definition Language) rule can be triggered on a message and the resulting alert can be sent to the user’s desktop.
  • Enhancements for configuration and deployment– now the configuration database includes tables identifying all computers running MainView Console Management and which services should be run on which computers. Configuration changes made on one computer maybe replicated to all of the computers in the cluster.
  • Provide support for IBM zSystems interface zManager - Unified Resource Manager (URM) by supporting the new REST(Representational State Transfer) API as well as existing SMNP API. This will be used to provide Energy Management information from the Ensemble composition area, as well Storage Management from the Virtualization Management area.

For more general information of BMC MainView Console Management for zEnterprise visit


To down load this new release please visit Product Downloads, Patches and Fixes at Note: Support Login id required.