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Oracle is now prompting Java users to upgrade the JRE to 1.7.0_21. After upgrading, and then accessing MainView Explorer, you will see this Security Warning:


java warning.jpg

If you press "Don’t Block" you will be fine.



If you press "Block" you will be fine also, except that when you terminate MainView Explorer by closing the tab or the browser, you won’t get the prompt "Are you sure you want to leave this page? This will terminate MainView Explorer"; it’ll just close.


Oracle has added additional security checks with JRE 1.7.0_21. Research showed that it has to do with MainView Explorer’s unsigned JavaScript in the html member (DEFAULT) updating variables in the signed MVE jar; never a problem till now.


To resolve this, per Oracle’s suggestion, the manifest for MVE’s jar file has been updatedto add:


Trusted-Library: true

which will eliminate this Security Warning pop-up.


This is available as a MainView Explorer client PTF - BQY0176 (MVI 60) / BQY0177 (MVI 61) - which will be on eFix Thursday April 25.


There is also this work-around:

In the Java Control Panel/Advanced tab - in the "Mixed code" section check:

Enable - hide warning and run with protections