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I am pleased to announce that MainView for CICS V6.5.00 went Generally Available on Friday March 8th, 2013. This release of MainView for CICS provides a number of new and improved functions and features:


Ø Support for IBM® CICS Transaction Server v5.1. that provides additional new task performance data, this information is available in CMRDETL data as well as the TASK and CHIST views.


Ø Support for IBM CICS Transaction Gateway (CTG) v9.0. that provides new gateway performance data, this information is available in the CTGSERV and CTGCICS views.


Ø New CTGSERVM view – additional statistical information about the performance of your non z/OS CTG Servers - New CTGHSTRY prompter dialog allows you to set selection criteria for processing CTG task performance data. New CTG history dictionary, CTGDETL, is available for batch processing


Ø New detailed trace activation for an active task. You can now get a detailed trace without having to set it up before the tasks become active. This gives you the ability to debug at the task level which will give faster mean time to resolution. 


Ø The CREGSYS View has been enhanced with new data and divided into 3 new view sets that provide information about region-wide settings and attributes. These new view sets are CREGSYT for Dispatcher and Timing Settings, CREGSYA for Storage and Facility Settings, and CREGSYM for Monitoring and Statistics settings.


Ø Continue zIIP (System z Integrated Information Processor) exploitation, now MainView for CICS low level monitors. A new option USEZIIP was added to the BBISSP00 parameter (also via PTF to MainView for CICS V6.4).


Ø Provide Transient Data (TD) queues and Temporary Storage (TS) queues detail by task. The Temporary Storage Queue resource usage metrics provide data for both real-time and historical values.


Ø New views for DB2 Connection information is now available on the CDB2CON View which replaces the CREGDB2* set of views providing a simplified visualization of the data as well as the ability to take actions to modify the state and attributes of the DB2 connections providing a single location for managing DB2 Connections associated with CICS.

-          DB2 Entries View CDB2ENT has been added to provide visibility into and the ability to manage the attributes of DB2 Entry Resources.

-          DB2 Transaction View CDB2TRN has been added to provide visibility into the attributes and resource usage of DB2 Transaction Resources. This view also provides the ability to modify the state and attributes of these transactions.


Ø New JVMServer View - CJVMSRV – Provides Status and usage information about JVM Server Resources  - Currently the actions for this View Set have been disabled pending resolution of a couple of IBM APARs related to the JVMSERVER.


Ø New “Out of the box” – usability enhancements for Alarms, MainView Explorer Containers and View Dashboard for CICS. 

-   “ADD” command from the ALRMDIST View to active libraries.  The following alarms are now distributed with MainView for CICS:

§  CICSTASKCPU – Detects CPU usage by a task.  This is useful for identifying runaway tasks

§  CICSTASELAP – High Elapsed time for a task.

§  CICSREGNCPU – Excessive CICS region CPU Utilization

§  CICSREGMAXT – Percentage of maximum task value

§  CICSAVGRESP – High Average transaction response times

§  CICSTRANRATE – Low transaction rates

-      A new Dashboard View for IBM CICS Regions – CRGMDASH – provides key performance indicators and the ability for Threshold colors to vary according to defined thresholds.  This is a View that can provide a list CICS regions and performance metrics in a single view.

-      New configuration templates have been provided to display MainView for CICS Containers in MainView Explorer.  There are configuration template for Single CICS regions and templates for multiple CICS Regions.

Please refer to the attachment - "What is new MVCICS 6.5 details" for more details as well as screen shots of new Views.


For further information on MainView for CICS V6.5 please refer to the release notes (support login id required).