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Michael Scott
I install Mainview SRM products.  When I receive an upgrade of the product I have to install as new.  Is there a reason why Mainview upgrades aren't installed like  RSL maintenance ?
Anandakumar Sundaravadivel
Currently BMC TrueSight Event Adapters 11.3.03  (mcxa) do not support any of the security hash algorithm standards. Keeping organization security standard in mind, can SNMPV3 traps be secured with…
I have come across situations where I needed to capture a huge packet trace (Over 1 million entries) but was unable to capture the entire packet trace because the 2GB Mainview for IP Dataspace…
Guillaume Leclercq
It would be great to add one more field in TCP connections (TCPCONS) view : the connection direction (inbound or outbound). As this field is included in SMF record, the development of this request…
Priya Salagundla
It looks like the Transaction History file needs to be stored on one volume and cannot span to a second volume, is this correct? Is it better to have the file non-SMS managed?
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Luke Matchwick
Currently, there is no batch method to print a Trace Log Dataset (TLDS) which includes the Unit of Work ID (UOW ID).   The only method is to create a TLDS then upload it into Mainview Online and use…
Susan Rice
MainView for DB2 の製品ドキュメンテーションの「使用する」セクションが日本語でご利用いただけるようになりました。表示言語は、お使いのブラウザの言語設定によって異なります。ただし、言語は言語メニューで切り替えられます。 次のリンクからドキュメンテーションにアクセスできます:… (Show more)
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Susan Rice
The Using section of the MainView for DB2 product documentation is now available in Japanese. The displayed language is dependent on your browser language. You can switch languages from the Language… (Show more)
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Chris Forzaglia
In MainView Auto Operations (MV.A.8.2) when you add an Alert to your Rule it generates an alert to the Alert Monitor (seen in either E.1 or A.1.2).  However, once someone clears the Alert, it seems… (Show more)
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Mark Rascoe
If we have a max threads metric, they would want to alert on 80% to alert in potential issue with the applications.
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