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1 Post authored by: Mike Donaldson Employee
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On June 8th, Search BMC Support upgraded to provide more relevant self-service solutions. This note provides a few tips and examples and more details than the original announcement on Knowledge and Search Tools Upgraded


First, note that – same as before – more solutions are provided if you login to before searching.  This gives you access to additional content which is only accessible to logged in customers.


Second, be sure to set your Favorite Products to include the BMC products you use.   You can make these changes here. Designating your favorite products allows the website to provide more relevant information for the products you use.



Default search results provide more useful search results if you have designated your favorite products, and they are all in the same product family.    For example, a user who has designated all Mainview Products as their favorites, would see relevant results that are either recommended or frequently viewed by other Mainview customers as shown below.




Finally, the type-ahead query functionality has been enhanced.  So for example, when you begin entering a search, suggested queries will pop up based on what others have searched and accessed successfully. This feature also works better if you have logged in and designated Favorite Products. See below for another example for a Mainview customer.




We are always looking for ways to make you more successful with BMC Products and Solutions, and hopefully the tips above will help in that process.

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