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Putting you and your mainframe product community in the innovation driver’s seat!


Product communities are a great way to connect – crowdsourcing experiences, addressing pain points and finding technical information.  And now BMC Mainframe solutions has just made it better – allowing community members to leverage their mainframe peers to validate and promote requests for product enhancement ideas.


User-led design is the cornerstone of innovation and by submitting your ideas to enhance our products, you’ll not only be solving your pain-point, but possibly one your peer may have as well. Getting started is as easy as visiting the BMC mainframe product community page of your choice!


Submitting an Idea on Communities

Beginning September 1st, 2020, BMC customers will now enter request for product enhancements in the following way:

  1. Select the mainframe product community of your choice from the “Product Communities” menu at the top right of the page at Mainframe Communities.
  2. Once on the appropriate mainframe product community, use the “Actions” drop down on the righthand side to create your idea. After entering your Idea, remember to “Publish” it to have it saved.

Creating a product idea: Demo video


From the Ideas forum, you’ll be able to track your idea’s progress as well as comment and vote for your peer’s ideas that you are passionate about.


The popularity of an idea is what helps us identify the most pressing enhancements. So get engaged early and often – the more comments and votes an idea receives, the sooner it will be considered by the BMC Product Team for inclusion in our development roadmap.


Previous requests for enhancements will continue to be housed in our existing tracking system and viewable via BMC Support Central as today.


Additional Resources

  • Ideas FAQ: Review for more information on the idea entry process.
  • Ideas stages: Learn about the stages of when an idea is submitting to when it is accepted by BMC’s Product Team.
  • Communities Overview: New to BMC Communities? Access this overview to learn your way around and all that it has to offer.


We look forward to seeing your ideas on BMC Mainframe Communities!

On Tues Sept 1st, ideas will be activated for: MainView, BMC AMI Security, BMC AMI Data for Db2, Solutions for IMS and BMC AMI Capacity and Cost

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