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Hello, I hope that you are keeping safe and well in these challenging times.


The Customer Success organization is here to ensure that customers realize value from their solutions.  We have often seen instances where support cases could have been avoided as they were caused by known defects or were issues that BMC had already publicised in Flashes or Technical Bulletins.

Introducing the Blog Series

Over the next few weeks I will be highlighting some steps you can take to avoid known problems and unnecessary outages by developing a proactive maintenance strategy. We will also discuss how you can engage with Customer Success before undertaking any installation or upgrade activity to help avoid all the common pitfalls. We are here to help you!

BMC provides two notification methods to inform customers of known problems or error conditions.

  • Product Alert Subscriptions (Proactive Notifications)
  • Enhanced HOLDDATA (I will be covering this topic next week)


Favorite Products and Alert Subscriptions

The first simple step is to ensure that the right people in your organization are receiving the Product Alert emails for all of your products.

To access your Product Alert Subscriptions, click on ‘My Support’ from the Support Central page and select “Favorite Products and Alert Subscriptions” from the menu:



This will display a page as shown below


Use this page to update your favorite products and subscriptions.


Hints and Tips for Favorite Products and Alerts

The Alert subscriptions provide advance warning for critical situations avoiding a potential business crisis or can provide you with alerts when there is important new product information. You receive immediate email notification of critical issues which can save you potentially encountering the problem and having to raise a case with BMC.

On the above page, you’ll see a search window and a table section listing BMC products.

  • Use the search box to find a BMC product.
  • Use the ‘All products’, ‘My Supported Products’ and ‘My Selection’ buttons to filter the list of products.
  • ‘My Selection’ restricts the list of products to just your favorites and subscriptions.
  • ‘My Supported Products’ restricts the list to just your company’s owned products that you are supported on.
  • The ‘Supported’ column of the table shows you if you are currently supported to download, use and log support cases for a product.
  • The ‘Subscribed’ column in the table shows you if you are currently subscribed to Product Alert emails. Slide the switch to subscribe to a product’s emails. Slide it off to unsubscribe.
  • The ‘Favorited’ column shows you if a BMC product is in your favorites. Click the star to favorite a product. This will personalize BMC website and applications for you. Clear the favorite star to unfavorite a product.



If you need help, please use the self-help feature, or click the chat icon to chat with our Customer Care team.


Product Alert Types

The Product Alert Types include:

  • Flash Notifications
    • Flash notices inform you of a common or widespread Severity 1 issue found with any BMC Software product that could cause data loss, affect data integrity, introduce a security risk, or introduce a problem that is considered production-critical, high impact or PERvasive . Multiple flashes can be issued for a single product version. A flash can contain the following information:
      • The nature of the problem, including
        • Symptoms
        • Causes
        • Effects on system, performance, or data integrity
        • Prevention, if possible
        • A proposed user response or workaround (if any)
        • A description of a fix (if any) and how to access and apply it
  • Technical Bulletins
    • Technical bulletins describe the availability of fixes, announce updates, or describe any significant product issues that are either not already covered in the documentation or that arise after a product's release. Multiple technical bulletins can be issued for a single product version. Technical bulletins can include the following information:
      • Details about a product problem
        • Symptoms
        • Causes
        • Effects on system, performance, or data integrity
        • Prevention
        • A proposed user response or workaround (if any)
        • A description of a fix (if any) and how to access and apply it
  • Product Release Notes
    • Release notes announce a new product or product version, including maintenance releases. Only one release note is associated with a particular product version. Release notes can contain the following information:
    • A new product announcement
    • Enhancements (what's new and what's changed) with a new product version
    • Installation instruction updates
    • Last-minute product information
    • Documentation updates
    • Fixed and open maintenance items
    • Known problems and workarounds
    • Product trials
  • Third-Party Software Support Bulletins
  • Education Updates
  • Product Change Notifications


Remember to register new colleagues or if you are likely to be out of the office then redirect the alerts to a colleague (or request them to register as well). You can unsubscribe from any product just by moving the Subscribed column to the off position.


We would love to hear your comments on this article and if you have any other ideas or suggestions for topics!


Next week I will cover BMC’s implementation of Enhanced HOLDDATA so please stay tuned! (See Part 2)