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The information security market has grown tremendously over the past two decades as major cyber attacks have resulted in over ten billion dollars in damages, revealed millions of personally identifiable information, and new legislation begins fining companies for failure to take appropriate measures. Yet, the vast majority of defensive systems are designed solely for distributed platforms and fully ignore the mainframes which run the vast majority of the world’s financial transactions and maintain the bank’s most sensitive data.


The time to prevent stories like this from being about your organization is now. Treat your mainframes like the crown jewels of your IT infrastructure that they are and include them in your security architecture like your distributed systems while training your security analysts on indicators of compromise before you are in the headlines.  Click to read the recent blog by Christopher PerryLead Product Manager for BMC AMI for Security, and see how you can shore up your mainframe security and avoid becoming tomorrows headline. 


Are Mainframes Your Weakest Link? – BMC Blogs