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Recent Activity

Exequiel Carballeda
Hi! I need to do Oracle querys using BMC BAO. I use BMC BAO When i use this sintax jdbc:oracle:thin://host:1521/service_name the error is       <error>error occured parsing request:… (Show more)
in Atrium Orchestrator
Vinnie Lima
Hi,   I am attempting to insert a new entry (Entitlement Group) in this form (via orchestrator,) and I keep getting the following error:   Values are missing for 'SET' action on Remedy schema… (Show more)
in Atrium Orchestrator
Phil Betts
Dashboard Job list doesn't show workflows triggered using OCP. It only shows workflows triggered via SOAP/REST, Schedule, Launch Job (launch job activity) and Rule.   The reason being that except…
venkateshwar Tripathi
Hi,   Is there any utility availbe in BAO to convert result which comes in xml/html to jason structure ?   Venky
in Atrium Orchestrator
keith Yim-Lim
Hi,   I have a procedure in Oracle   create or replace PROCEDURE procOrchestrator(paramIN IN VARCHAR,paramOUT OUT VARCHAR) IS BEGIN       DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('TestOrchestration' || paramIN);  … (Show more)
in Atrium Orchestrator
Subash Chandra Behera
Hello,            I have configured my SMTP Adapter. I have given Target  : Port      : 465 Username : Password  : myPassword Use ssl Certificate : checked  … (Show more)
in Atrium Orchestrator
joyal ks
Hi   I have previously installed atrium 7.6.03 dev studio on windows 2008 R2 without any problems but now I tried installing it on 2012 R2 machine and the installation went smoothly but when i tried… (Show more)
in Atrium Orchestrator
Rahul Zavare
Hello Team,   I am newbie in BAO.   Here, I configured Truesight Actor and monitor adapters to receive events from BMC Truesight. Provided all the required details to Adapters and also, created a… (Show more)
in Atrium Orchestrator
mainak NameToUpdate
Hi All,   I am totally new to this AO platform.recently i am trying to configure some adapter.among them actor adapter are configured well and running successfully.but i am unable to execute a… (Show more)
in Atrium Orchestrator
Snehasish Nandy
Hi All   Can you please let me know the possible ways of integrating different ITSM tools to a single AO.   and if tickets comes from 2 different ITSM tool, how to differentiate between them.  … (Show more)
in Atrium Orchestrator
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