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Atrium CMDB

1 Post authored by: Paul Buffington

In the first of the Effect-Tech CMDB webinar series we discussed the upfront aspects of properly setting the scope of your CMDB initiative. We discussed the high level implementation choices and why a use-case driven approach might be the most optimal method to deliver value more quickly. After discussing these options, we concluded part 1 with the introduction of a service model architecture that can be used to initially model your IT environment and expand over time. If you missed the first webinar you can watch a replay of Part 1 at Effect-Tech Webinars


Please join us on October 9th as we continue the conversation in part 2 of this webinar series.  We will explore the BMC Atrium classes and which classes are most relevant to support the service model architecture introduced in part 1. Furthermore, we will talk about the role of discovery and how it can and cannot be leveraged to keep your CI's up-to-date. After discussing the CMDB classes, we broach the topic of CI relationships and simplifying which relationship types you should use to drive meaningful value without added complexity.


With classes and relationships out of the way, we steer clear of CI attributes for the time being and introduce the need to define multiple service model views that allows users to better understand the numerous CI's and their relationships that result when a complex service model is built out. Finally, we will explore the role of the CMDB to assist application support teams in the areas of event and incident management - and potentially why integration to discovery tools are NOT required to provide value for these app groups.


Time permitting, we will introduce Effect-Tech's CMDB methodology and best practices that your organization can use to implement CMDB in a structured and repeatable way. This methodology avoids the common implementation mistake that essentially turns your CMDB project into a data, discovery, and reconciliation exercise. By implementing the CMDB using this systematic approach, we believe your organization will gain more value from your CMDB project - more quickly.


This webinar series is presented by Rick Chen, Managing Principle at Effect-Tech.  Rick shares from his wealth of CMDB knowledge and field experience. 



  • CMDB class discussion
  • If it's all about relationships - what, why, and how much?
  • CMDB service model views - and why it matters
  • Addressing the needs of application support teams
  • Introducing implementation best practices to get more value, more quickly out of your CMS / CMDB


Date/Time: October 9th  at 9am (PST)


Space is limited so reserve your webinar seat today - Register

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