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Atrium CMDB

8 Posts authored by: Stephen Earl Employee

This year I'm looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible at the T3:SMAC conference being organised and run by tooltechtrain, sponsored by BMC Software.


I have a session to walk you through our new CMDB User Experience releasing soon and also be available for meetings and hallway conversations of course - see you there!


If you want a new version of our updated CDM Diagram poster make sure you come and find me at the BMC area to grab one - let me know you are attending the conference and when we meet you can get your shiny new poster!


Visit the website are REGISTER for your place at the conference, don't forget to let me know you are coming and come and collect your poster...


When I joined BMC Software just over 3 years ago I came to the company with one key aim in mind, to make the CMDB a better CMDB.


As a team here at BMC we have made strides on that journey but none bigger, outwardly at least, than the version we released just before the holidays, the Atrium CMDB is going through somewhat of a transformation and we want you to be some of the first to see it and also have input to what we are doing.


With the release at the end of 2017 of 9.1.04 we have embarked on the transformation of the Configuration Manager User Experience. Many of our customers have been contacting me asking when this was coming or asking if CMDB was coming to SmartIT as that solution has evolved.


The new user experience is beautiful, intuitive but also functional and helps you 'get things done!' Don't get me wrong there is a learning curve, some things work slightly differently, the UI certainly looks completely different But instead of typing about it, let me show you with some teaser screenshots (for some reason here I wanted to have a James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman voice over....)



Screenshot: CMDB Login Page

Untitled 2.png

Screenshot: CMDB CI Updates Summary

Untitled 3.png

Screenshot: CMDB Reconciliation Job Listing (Identify)


We have also introduced some new thinking for 'in tool' help and guidance. Introducing a new user experience is fraught with potential issues and isn't something that happens frequently due to this, however in order to make it easier for you, our customers, we want to ease you into the new approach we are taking.


With this in mind we have implemented some new functionality that will help with orientation in the new experience and also provide interactive 'in tool' help this is a mix of walkthrough style help along with video content - it's not all finished yet of course, this is a beta program - but we have exposed some of the ideas and thinking from our documentation team and engineering.


Screenshot: Configuration Managers Dashboard - Health Panel


We would all really appreciate your thoughts on this approach and implementation.


We are looking forward to discussing these changes and evolving them as we move forward, we plan for our next release to introduce changes around consumption of CMDB including a new graphical framework (think replacement for Atrium Explorer) and also improved searching capabilities to make finding the information you are looking for easier and more straightforward.


Stephen Earl

Lead Product Manager, Atrium CMDB

BMC Software


T3: Service Management and Automation Conference is NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION AND CALL FOR PAPERS


BMC Software and the Tools, Technology & Training (T3) community are listening and you have been heard! We are excited to announce the launching of the first ‘T3: Service Management & Automation Conference’ to be held from 6 to 10 November 2017 at The Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.


The conference is being put on by TTT: Tools, Technology & Training Company. As the Flagship sponsor, BMC Software is providing the conference with full support in running the conference.

Together, we plan to bring to you a robust conference focused on the Tools, Technology and Training that you need to succeed in your roles and accomplishing your business needs!


The conference website is LIVE and is accessible by going to If you have any questions about the conference, please contact the Board of Directors at or call me at 443-812-9891 (leave a message with a phone number and I will get back to you as soon as I can.).


Lenny Warren

Member of Board of Directors


You may have received a 'Product Change Notification' notice from the BMC support team (dated Feburary 7th 2017) which notes that the Atrium CMDB Suite has been withdrawn.


I wanted to write a post to clarify what has actually happened to the Atrium CMDB Suite and clear up any confusion, also hopefully lessen the flood of enquiries coming into my mailbox asking about it.


Atrium CMDB has been sold as part of many of our products and also sold separately. What we have actually done is withdraw the product set (Atrium CMDB Suite) that is sold individually as we now see Atrium CMDB as a core part of our AR Platform.


As such this notification should not be seen as Atrium CMDB going away, in fact that is far from the case - we have several updates planned at present and will be delivering updates as part of our service pack and standard releases moving forward all that is changing is how BMC sell and account for the CMDB within our product groupings and solutions removing the need for this separate product listing.


I hope this clears up any confusion that our Product Change Notification may have caused.


Of course if you have any questions or queries please feel free to reach out to me.


Stephen Earl

Lead Product Manager, Atrium CMDB

BMC Software Inc.


Our Customer Programs team have posted the following as a call for Configuration Managers to take part in our UX study sessions, please take this opportunity to contribute the future of Atrium CMDB and Configuration Management - see the post at bmc Remedy with Smart IT UX Design Sessions for Configuration Managers

Stephen Earl

CMDB @Engage

Posted by Stephen Earl Employee Sep 14, 2014

I'm really looking forward to meeting our customers at BMC Engage in Orlando, Florida starting October 13th. I'm hoping to catch up with those of you I have met before and also to meet those of you I haven't met yet! I hope you will catch me in the corridors or at break or meal times to talk CMDB.


As part of my Engage activities I will be presenting Session 63 CMDB, With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility along with Darius Wallace where we will be discussing CMDB Futures, Best Practices for Implementation of CMDB in your business. The CMDB is part of the core of any ITSM implementation and implemented correctly can bring great benefits to your ITIL based processes, a great CMDB implementation can make you a Hero. However it is easy to become so focused on the CMDB implementation that it, unintentionally, becomes the Super Villain of your environment.


We will be discussing our new Best Practices resource, how we at BMC intend to help your implementation become a Hero and discuss our experiences in the field working with customers.


This session contains information you will find useful no matter what stage your implementation is at, no matter your skill level Introductory, Intermediate or Advanced


We look forward to meeting you all in Orlando at the Swan & Dolphin in Walt Disney World from 13th - 16th October!


Hi All,

I have recently joined BMC Software as the new Product Manager for the Atrium CMDB and thought I should do an introduction to myself so that you can get an idea of what makes me tick and also understand my drive to make the Atrium CMDB a tool that can drive realisation of value for you our Customers.

I have been part of the BMC Remedy world since 2004 when I worked for an ISP and was given the mantle of 'the Remedy guy' for the entire organisation, I had never seen Remedy before and actually had no idea what it was. After a mild baptism by fire I immediately saw the value that the Remedy Action Request System could give the Network Operations Centre I ran at the time and also the wider organisation, back then we were rolling out ITSM 5.1.2.

Since that time I have been involved in many rollouts of BMC Remedy ARS based solutions, and most recently I lead the Remedy development organisation for BlackBerry rolling out ITSM across that organisation and recently spent sometime at ServiceNow before coming to BMC Software.

My desire is to actively engage with the community (you) and have what I hope are active discussions through this forum and others in order to ensure that we are building a tool that helps you solve your business challenges on a daily basis. Part of my role here at BMC is to ensure that your voice is heard and that we are investing in the right areas to drive our product and your success forward.

When I'm not talking about CMDB, working on the product roadmap or out talking with you, our customers, I spend my spare time watching movies, enjoying company of friends and a new past time of Husky Scootering, feel free to ask me more about that if you really want to know!

I'm based in the University town of Cambridge in the UK and look forward to our interactions whatever the medium as we at BMC evolve Atrium CMDB to meet your needs and supporting your success.

Contact me via twitter @flirble or via this community of course :-)

If you are having issues with Atrium CMDB I strongly suggest you log an issue with support and your account team before engaging me directly but if you feel I might be able to help then I'm happy to do so where I can.



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