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Danny Kellett
In my experience 100% of a collection of computer systems has a domain controller. Therefore when mapping the domain, there are multiple domain controllers. When searching the Assets / CIs for domain…
Alexey Dyukov
Make it possible for the Pentaho Carte server (which used port 20000) to work through the https protocol.
Stephen Earl
This year I'm looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible at the T3:SMAC conference being organised and run by tooltechtrain, sponsored by BMC Software.   I have a session to walk you… (Show more)
in Atrium CMDB
Marek Ceizel
Hi together,   Anybody knows please if there is a problem with displaying Informations in the Tooltip for Relationships in Impact Analysis of Change Management ? I need this for version 8.1.00… (Show more)
in Atrium CMDB
Syed Reza
Hi, I want to have a custom selection field in AST:Monitor form. For this, I added the field first in BaseElement form using Class Manager. Then I used "Sync Asset UI with CMDB" utility to push the… (Show more)
in Atrium CMDB
Alex Kim
Hi,   How does MarkAsDeleted work?  The question I have is that we have no process to delete CIs and will remain that way, however, when ADDM Sync to CMDB and when CI gets aged out from ADDM and… (Show more)
in Atrium CMDB
Thomas Reinhard
Hi Gents   Does somebody knows how to disable CMDBRowLevelSecurity?     Thanks
in Atrium CMDB
Ryan Wiltshire
Hello,   Just a quick poll/discussion around the use the sandbox for Asset Management. We're starting a fresh v9 install and this feature disabled in our current v7 environment.   On appears to the… (Show more)
in Atrium CMDB
Wipro AMS Support
Hi All,   We are running a spoon job which has a cmdb output step. we are trying to update the MAD flag through this step. This step is able to find the record but not updating it. Getting message… (Show more)
in Atrium CMDB
Sumeet Verma
Hi All, could someone please advice on my below question.   what dataset and class value would get defined to BMC.ASSET in standard precedence rules if i leave it blank. like in below screeny.  … (Show more)
in Atrium CMDB
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