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Rahul Priyadarshy
Hi All,   How and where to MAP- ESB (enterprise Service Bus) Interfaces. We have an ESB product Namely IBM MQ Series (as an Application CI).   We have Many Interfaces Defined between various… (Show more)
in Atrium CMDB
Gustavo del Gerbo
So Watson got a call. REST API. We had heard about the guy at a local pub. He was here to take the business out of another guy... "Web Services" they called him. That was all we knew about it,… (Show more)
in Atrium CMDB
Vinayak P N
Hello All,   I have added a custom class under Equipment Class a month ago and now when i try to add an attribute under the same Class, I am unable to do so.   Below are the screenshots.   Can… (Show more)
in Atrium CMDB
Shivani Singh
HI All,   Can we use physical location class to re-present the site location details without using SITE, Region , SiteGroup in cumputer system or in any of the class. By making the relationship with… (Show more)
in Atrium CMDB
Amar Achmedan
Hi,   I've a problem with the CMDBLOOPUK step in Atrium Integrator 8.1.002. When I do a lookup on a selection field, the transformation go on error and enter an infinite loop. My CMDB plugins are… (Show more)
in Atrium CMDB
Jan Sierens
Is it normal we don't see the option anymore to execute remotely in spoon delivered with version 9.1?
in Atrium CMDB
Deepak Sukte
What is the best method to create a CI via webservices? Can we directly create a webservice on the BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystem and push data to it. I have created a stating form that receives data… (Show more)
in Atrium CMDB
Rupert Wenzel
Hi folks,   I'm new in Atrium Integration and Spoon ... so pls do not expect to much precognition. What I try to do e.g. is an upload to the CTM:People form. As I learned from several posts here… (Show more)
in Atrium CMDB
Krystian Nikolow
Hello, I'm working in ARS7.1/CMDB 2.1. I've configured simple reconciliation job (copy dataset) and I would like to trigger it from some custom workflow (filter). I've checked the documentation and… (Show more)
in Atrium CMDB
Ryan Wiltshire
Are we able to covert case of values when building identification rules? I tried using UPPER/LOWER but get errors saving the rule.   Thanks Ryan
in Atrium CMDB
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