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Matt Laurenceau

When UX meets EntArch

Posted by Matt Laurenceau Employee Feb 16, 2012

Thursday seems to be a good day for a thoughtful post.





OK, let's first define the spooky acronyms:

  • User Experience (UX, aka "look and feel" to simplify) is what makes users enjoy a solution, it needs to be easy, efficient and powerful (so that we can perform tasks in an effective, and hopefully fun manner)
  • Enterprise Architecture (aka EntArch ... indeed, "EA" often means something else, related to gamification) is ... just look at wikipedia


For simple applications, only used by a couple of users, these 2 concepts are interesting, but not required.

When applications begin to be more comprehensive, and used by many users, they are a must.



A Problem, really?

Why is there a conflict between UX and EntArch for powerful applications?


For any application to get broad adoption from users, the User Interface  needs to be convenient to use, and achieve tasks in an efficient manner.

Example: If user has to use 4 different applications (with different accounts, different look) to achieve a single task, it becomes really cumbersome. Users quickly reject such application.


In reality, when we look at a complex end-to-end processes, a lot of technologies are needed to order to go from "initial business goal to achieve" to "task delivered technically".


As a consequence, several technologies have to be integrated in order to go end-to-end. How do you integrate them in a flexible manner, so that nothing is redundant or hard to maintain? That where wise Enterprise Architecture makes sense.


Let's think about Cloud lifecycle Management (CLM) as an example.

How can you enjoy an easy, efficient and powerful User Interface to achieve things like:

  • Unified Portal to see status of each cloud, time to live, with ability to spawn or retire one
  • Interface to design an manage the blueprints that you want to be able to deploy a given solution
  • Dynamically updating your CMDB with virtual, hardware and software CIs
  • Natively leveraging famous ITIL processes like Release, Change, Incident or Problem
  • Having a compelling Knowledge Management solution, proposing streaming videos to quickly educate your users
  • Being able to manage multiple hypervisors in a flexible manner
  • Natively managing Capacity and Performance of your Clouds
  • Multi-tenancy
  • And more!


A lot of powerful things need to happen behind the scene!

Yet it's delivered in a simple manner with BMC CLM.


Note: To learn more about CLM, check out the Industry Blog, or the technical community.


Bridging the gap

Such UX + EntArch expertise have been shared a long time ago already.


Let's continue on our CLM example. When you see Clouds coming all around you, you find an umbrella, right?

Read these great design tips (philosophical Tips & Tricks) from Rich.


Is it the way you design your applications?

Do you have other tips to share?

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