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I was recently pinged by Gérard on Linkedin. And this "Education enables Success" thought struck me


Example #1

Last century (no kidding, he's now retired), Gérard gave me a training on AR System. It was an amazing experience, both from a technical + business point of view (as you can guess, discovering AR is awesome - even more after some years coding or doing plain SQL statements ... and too few User Experience)  and from a social point of view, meeting people who shared very valuable experiences.


I met Sylvain for example who is a great community member, and now leads the French RUG (he is the one who photoshoped the image, based on a T-shirt autographed by Doug)


Example #2

Some years ago, I attended a training on Atrium Orchestrator. Again, way cool.

  • The technology obvioulsy rocks. It was an eye-opener for me on many areas.
  • But more importantly, it enabled me to meet great individuals like JT (now Product Manager of Cloud Lifecyle Mgmt) and Dominic (now Cloud Solution Marketing Manager)
  • And it was delivered in UK, always fun there (not mentioning great indian food )





For technical content and social reasons, Education is definitly the foundation to enable success.


Kim Wharton and I were talking about this recently, and she mentioned that  BMC Education is offering a 10% discount if you order before Dec 31st. Thanks Kim for this Xmas gift


Thanks all for 2011, wishing you the best for 2012



BTW, you may want to follow great individuals mentioned in the previous examples (read more opt-in tips), we all learn a lot from them.

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