In the past years (first posts in March 2009), we've been highlighting many topics that define a platform.


One of the key characteristic of platforms is that they are easy to search (in a quick & comprehensive manner)


Easy, always on

Take Linkedin, Google, your favorite iOS device for example.

On each of them, it's very easy to find things.

Even MS Outlook is pretty easy to search, using Xobni.


With the BMC Atrium platform, we make it easy to search in a Global manner.


[click on screenshot to maximize]
Comprehensive search is one click away (always proposed in top-right corner)


And powerful too

As usual, things need to be easy, but also powerful (to please to power users)

On Google for example, searching simple stuff is easy, but you can add many criterias to customize your search (by type,

This is also proposed on our platform, by clicking on the Advanced Search option.



[click on screenshot to maximize]

Many search criteria can be used, allowing breadth and depth


Scope (Sources) includes:

  • All ITIL processes covered, Knowledge Articles (packages and home made),
  • People (Employees, Suppliers, Partners),
  • Services (IT or Business), Servers (physical and virtual), Applications,
  • And virtually anything that you flag as searchable on our platform


Also, by leveraging a unified technology, permissions are fully leveraged: multi-tenancy, and any granularity that customers may decide.


Deeper Thoughts

Let's do some pure logic now.

"All platforms are easy to search" means that "if something is not easy to search, it's not a platform".

  • How does it apply to technologies you use ?
  • Would your life be better if these technologies were easy (and powerful) to search, in a unified manner ? (for People, Services, Applications, Servers, Knowledge Articles, ITIL Processes, and more)