@glennodonnell (Senior Analyst at Forrester) recently tweeted Hah! My "personal CMDB" has no autodiscovery and is therefore flawed! ;-) to another ITSM & Social-savvy analyst, @stephenmann.


I sure like such Analogies.


To keep track of business contacts, I use, so we could call this platform a CMDB.


These last years, by using Twitter and BMC Communities, I have met very interesting people  (and I've learnt a lot from them).

Many of them are now linkedin connections


So I definitely used 2 discovery solutions to feed my "CMDB". And given that in Social Media, "information comes to you", it was kind of automated (except from spammers, I was not contacted by people who share no interest with me).




Actually, other people I've met on these platforms are now Facebook friends.


Is it where the analogy stops ?


Having 2 CMDBs is non-sense.


So we have 2 datasources, and we need an overarching CMDB, with some federated approach.

What could give a cross-platform (Linkedin and Facebook) view ?


When I googled this, I actually found a Question on Quora (that you can use by using your Twitter or Facebook authentication - Social Media world is kind of recursive )


I'll stop before creating an infinite loop (that can cause memory leaks and crash )